I should be.. (revised)

I should observe the lilies sprouting,

I should observe the light sneaking out of the London clouds,

or the kind of sounds the birds make in famous city parks.

Instead of untangling the lock from the inside of my brain,

I should be looking out.


I should smile more,

at the sounds of children playing with water fountain,

in Piccadeli circus,

at an old couple walking in front of me,

hands overlapping, looking at the river through the same eyes

through time, at Waterloo,

at the lady winking back at me when her date pulls out her seat first

in the restaurant,

Instead of solving a puzzle from the broken peices of my heart alone,

I should be smiling more.


I should draw the shape of the clouds above me,

and the bare trees,

I should fill colour in them with the ray of sunshine,

and see on days like this, the trees those always seem gray,

are truely green,

I should walk a bit slower as I walk through the park,

and sit for few minutes as I reach the top,

I should close my eyes and breath in the chill.

Instead of cloaking my naked sensitive feelings,

vunerable in every harsh winter,

I should be laughing with the breeze

and wish for it to take me home.



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