Aves, not mammals













My wings demand flight
the mathematical derivation doesn’t solve my derision
that I have acquired in my feet
a form of mud
stuck in the gap between my toe and finger
while I was walking carefree stomping loudly

And then I think I am not a mammal
but can be categorised under Aves
they have skin of feathers and jointed limbs
for their  flight
they are made that way
warm-blooded  heart of four chambers
stil, don’t resemble the likes of you
we are made that way
we hurt when caged
not that we can’t live in your house
a little space enough for our nest

Our freedom is our choice
you make it yours
afraid we will run away
that we won’t respect it
that we won’t respect it
as bad as stripping us naked
bleeding cut wings

What you don’t know
as mammals your species is the most evolved
What? You gonna turn into an alien now?
A robot is not enough? An android program not enough?
After you burn my wings
I still have a form to morph into

and you touch to stop me
only to burn
this Phoenix inside me
is unstoppable.


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