Aves, not mammals

                      My wings demand flight because the mathematical derivation doesn't solve my derision that I have acquired in my feet a form of mud stuck in the gap between my toe and finger while I was walking carefree stomping loudly And then I think I … Continue reading Aves, not mammals


I broke an hourglass

Time we don't have time they don't have enough time they don't want to give us time because I broke some glasses the hour glass and the sand lost itself in my life. Time we don't have time. they never got time. What did you do to deserve it? Nothing. You broke my glass and … Continue reading I broke an hourglass


A heaviness fills my heart. Heaviness like water in balloon, my heart -- a water balloon. There are people whom I miss, alive but far, alive but lost, alive but in past, alive but they don't know, that a heaviness fills my heart.